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Our Story

For Detroit Through Coffee

The Gathering is a philanthropic coffee company seeking to craft both change and sustainability for not just our shop, but the local community and companies we partner with.   


​We believe in Detroit,  its people, and the power community has to rebuild it.

Our company and its story stems from the belief that together, we are capable of more than we ever could do alone.


We seek to use art and storytelling  as key components to what brings us all together.


It’s why we’ve chosen to locate ourselves in the North End, partnered with a vision for the coffee shop to progress overtime into a staple creative community space.


We’re for you, and here to do life with you.


- The Gathering Coffee Co.

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The  Space

North End + The Gathering Coffee Co.

The neighborhood of North End is home to an array individuals, creatives, industrial factories, and streets filled with history.  Located just a few miles North of Downtown in Milwaukee Junction, just outside the booming Midtown area, this neighborhood is on the cusp of Detroit’s regeneration.


Our one mile radius is home to 8,800 diverse individuals who collectively make up the beauty of this neighborhood.  If you drive around, you’ll find a beautifully preserved history, as well as a blossoming re-birth. The unique personality of the area is displayed in the architecture, the art you find amidst the crevasses, and the diversity well represented by the artists, commuters, workers and students who live here. Our mission is to create a space that tells the story of that diversity and becomes a second home for the people of this neighborhood.


With our 1,100 square foot space, a renovated a historic dark room, partnerships with local artist groups, and support from our neighbors,  we are continually  striving to make an inviting space that provides the environment for others to feel safe, seen, and heard.


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